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To remember all VietNam great Physicians



Hai Thuong Lang Ong .

    Hai Thuong Lang Ong ( Le Huu Trac ) (1720-1791 )
   is a great Vietnamese physician . This is a temple
   located in Lieu Xa and Yen My district to remember him

International Great Physicians :

    Yersin                      Pasteur             Hypocrat           Khong Phu Tu

    Hoa Da              Luu Bang             Han Phi Tu          Khuat Nguyen

   Customer's Ideas :   
The following is  our consumers idea, who been used Reu Hoang Hau 
   for a long period  time, some writing in Vietnamese, some writing in 
   chinese,(we translate to English) and of course some writing in 
   English .      

    From Ong Nam, retired worker from TOSHIBA in Santa ana .
    Toi da ngoai 65, truoc day toi di linh cho VNCH hon 10 nam, toi da hut 
   thuoc tu nho nen toi nghi phoi cua toi chac cung khong duoc tot nhu
   nhung nguoi binh thuong . Khi vao lam cho TOSHIBA toi moi xu dung 
   Reu Hoang Hau . Cach toi xai la nhu nguoi Nhat chi, la toi nhai moi
   ngay 15 vien sau khi an com roi moi uong nuoc . Tu do den gio toi chua 
   bao gio phai di bac sy . Reu Hoang Hau la 1 nang tien nho khong bao 
   gio roi xa toi....

   Tom Collins, retired US Army, Civil Engineer
   Now that I am retired, I am concerning about maintaining my health and
staying alive . It is important for me to keep up with my 2 grandchildresn
   on outings, as well as my wife during our travels . As a long-time smoker
   (ex)... my lungs are below normal condition . When I start using
   Hoang Hau I hope to keep my active lifestyle .

Nguyen Thi Kim Xuan, Green Bay WI
   Toi lam nghe Nails da 12 nam, vi phai ngui mui Acetone hang ngay . Nen 
   da bi chung nong Gan, mat noi mun, da kho . Sau khi da duoc 1 nguoi ban

   mach bao, toi da dung Reu Hoang Hau. Sau 4 thang dung thuoc, mat
   het noi mun, moi khong con kho....
   Cam on va cam on nhieu lam

   Hoang Ngoc Wisconsin
   Thanh that cam on Cong Ty Reu Hoang Hau da giup cho suc khoe cua toi
   tro lai trang thai binh thuong . Sau nhieu nam dai mang nhieu can benh
   nhu mau cao, mo trong mau, tieu duong... Hien tai toi da khoe, an ngon
   mieng, ngu yen giac khong con lo lang . Toi viet len day de mach cho qui
   vi dong huong mot loai thao moc tot nen dung . Mot lan nua cam on
   Hoang Hau .

   Mandy, TV Host Anchor Sanghai, China
    I'm a chinese, I met John 2003 in Beijing, he gave me a 
   special Japanese Chlorella . In China, they only have Taiwanese Chlorella 
   and It is very hard to find the same one . Until now, he had to send to 
   me a year supplies to help me maintain my daily supplement . I have to 
   work many jobs a day including TV host . I need Queen Chlorella to help 
   me keep my skin as beauty as you can see on Television . Thanks John, 
   he is my best friend so far, thank you Queen Chlorella......

  Yoko Astri, Accounting for an import company
   I am a mother of 4 children and working hard to keep my house and my
   kids . To do all these jobs is not an easy task . But, thanks to Queen
   Chlorella, I feel just great and vital . ... thanks again

Ngoc Tram, Anaheim
   Anaheim ngay 29 thang 12 nam 2008
   Goi Chi Sophia,
   Em cam on chi rat nhieu da gioi thieu thuoc Reu Hoang Hau (
Chlorella ) cho em, vi truoc day di thu nghiem mau
bac sy cho biet
   luong Cholesterol cua em kha cao ( 295 ) nen phai dung thuoc ha mo
   trong vong 3 thang roi thu mau lai . Luong Cholesterol em sau 3 thang
   dung thuoc ha mo bac sy cho chi xuong duoc 265 ( van con cao ) . nho
   chi chi dan em dung Reu Hoang Hau ngay 15 vien uong truoc khi di ngu
   voi nuoc am ( thay vi uong thuoc ha mo cua bac sy cho )
   Thua chi, sau 2 thang dung Reu Hoang Hau em da di thu mau lai thi ket

   qua Cholesterol la 195  lai con thay nguoi khoe ra, khong bi bon va ngu
   ngon giac hon . Mot lan nua cam on chi nhe, chuc chi va gia quyen luon
   duoc hanh phuc bang an .
   Ngoc Tram .


  Ba Van, Long Beach California...
Thua qui vi, toi nam nay da 65 tuoi, toi phai san soc cho 1 me gia da rat
   la lon tuoi va benh hoan luon . Toi cam on troi da cho toi va me toi biet
   duoc Reu Hoang Hau . Moi ngay toi va me toi deu uong Reu nay . Khong
   co no, thi me toi khong the nao ngu duoc va thay rat la kho chiu . Nho
   Reu nay ma benh Tieu Duong cua toi cung co ve bot di va toi rat it di 
   bac sy tu ngay uong Reu Hoang Hau.....

O.Muoi, Houston Texas, USA
Toi bi benh tieu duong kinh nien va cao Cholesterol, bac sy gia dinh da
   nhieu lan dua toi vao nha thuong vi bi stroke va hut thuoc kinh nien 
   Tu ngay uong Reu do nguoi ba con gioi thieu, toi da bot Cholesterol va
   tieu duong cung da bot nhieu, toi mong dong huong xu dung Reu nay vi
   rat tot . Nguoi My da dem Reu nay theo
de uong ngoai khong gian thi 
 tai sao minh khong uong ? Phi hanh gia dau co ngu cho ???

Hiro Nagasaki, manager
Working for a multi-national company like Panasonic is not
   an easy job . I must travel a lot between countries . In my brief case 
   always Queen Chlorella in there . Without this, I can not stay active...
   thanks Queen Chlorella....
Ba Hai, Riverside ..
Ba con cu nghe toi, moi ngay nhai 15 vien Reu Hoang Hau thi khong bao
   gio phai di bac sy . Cam on Reu Hoang Hau, nho do ma benh tieu duong
   cua toi da co thuoc tri .

Ba Thai, o Arizona...
   Nghe noi may ong Phi Hanh Gia dem Reu Hoang Hau theo an ngoai 
   khong gian . Toi khong co tin, nhung ma cung mua thu vai lo de
   uong...Den bay gio thi ghien luon . Khong co no, thi thay met moi trong 
   nguoi va lai mat ngu, moi ngay 15 vien nho do ma cung it di gap Bac Sy..

Mike Muller, Computer professional Web designer
I have to see computer everyday . Queen Chlorella provides lutein in
   abundance . This may be a reason why I can work at the computer more
   effective . I noticed that my fatigue level has lessened considerably .
   Thanks Queen Chlorella.....

   Megumi Yoshioka, California USA
   I'm a japan
ese, keep using a product for a long period time is very 
   difficulty, with me I'm using Queen Chlorella more than 5 years and 
   I think I still keep using this, because its excellency and  perfect for 
   me . Thank you Queen Chlorella...

Ba Bay Yorba Linda, California
   Ong nha toi la 1 si quan che do cu, ong hut thuoc da nhieu nam qua den 
   My van con hut, vo con noi bao nhieu cung chang nghe . Bac sy noi cho 
   doi de cho ong bi stroke cho ong that kinh . Qua My nho di lam hang
   TOSHIBA nghe loi may ong Nhat roi cung nhai 15 vien sau bua com . 
   Nho vay ma cho toi bay gio da hon 70 roi ma van di danh Tennis dai dai 
   khong biet bac sy la gi . Cam on Reu Hoang Hau ...

  Ba Loan Orlando, Florida
   Nam nay toi da ngoai 50 tuoi, bac sy noi toi bi rong xuong tram trong .

   An khong ngon, ngu khong duoc, con gai toi nghe ban gioi thieu da mua
   Reu Hoang Hau cho toi uong . Sau 3 thang dung Reu Hoang Hau,
   an da biet ngon, ngu thang giac va dac biet la chung rong xuong cua toi
   da do rat nhieu . Da de lai hong hao, sang ngu day khong thay met moi .
   Toi xin gioi thieu Reu Hoang Hau den ba con dong huong o Florida.....

O Duc o Michigan...
   Hom nay toi da nhan duoc cong hieu cua thuoc Reu Hoang Hau, vi sau 14
   ngay uong thuoc tay va co tay, ngon tay chan khong con nhuc ve dem va
   het dau luon . Toi xin lam dai ly cho cong ty cua co . Xin co can goi cel
   1-734-560-2130 toi khong co phone nha .

   Duc bui Van 
   Day la buc thu cua O Duc


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