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Artist Chi Tam

      Reu Hoang Hau ( Queen Chlorella ) has been designed by the following 
    Artists and Software Engineers :

     Artist Chi Tam ( left ) & Reporter Vu Chung at Radio VNCR .
     Advertising Music
    Designed and performed by Artist CHI TAM & CHI TAM PRODUCTIONS
    for the 60 seconds ad, it is running on the most Vietnamese Radio or
    Television of Vietnamese Community in U.S.A 


      Click here to listen to the advertising song :


    Box Design : Designed by Software Artist JORGE and group .
    This is a label designed for Reu Hoang Hau .


     This is box designed for Reu Hoang Hau :

      From May 2010, John Dao approved new designs for label & Box
      of Reu Hoang Hau as follow :


      Benefits from Reu Hoang Hau ( Queen Chlorella ) :

    A true superfood, Reu Hoang Hau contains a wealth of Vitamins and 
    minerals, amino acid, protein, fiber, nucleic acids, and more chlorophyll 
    than any organism on earth . Reu Hoang Hau ( Queen Chlorella ) is the 
    oldest forms of life on earth . some around two billion years old .
     Hoang hau
is a single-celled fresh-water green algae .

    Chlorella is the best selling health supplement in Japan, where its 
    extraordinary powers have long been studied . Many scientific studies now
    document Chlorella 's ability to help .

            * Boost your energy levels .
            * Remove toxins from your body
            * Supercharge your immune system
            * Support proper digestion
            * Promote brain wellness and fend off memory loss
            * Promote joint and muscle health
            * Protect your heart and maintain healthy levels of blood pressure
               and Cholesterol
            * Support good health as you age .

    The following is ingredients of Reu Hoang Hau :


    This is the copy of Trademark of Reu Hoang Hau :


    This is the copy of Technical Report from NASA about Chlorella :



    ** These statement have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration
            These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease
                        Please consult a qualified medical practitioner for medical advice **

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