1. Royal Jelly ( Sua Nuoi Ong Chua ) 1500Mg
 * Nutrient Rich Super food 1500Mg equivalency
     * 6% - 10 DHA
     * A dietary supplement

     Royal Jelly is a natural source of many nutrients . Royal Jelly is the only
    food for the  Queen Bee and it enables her to outlive worker bees thirty
    fold . The Queen Bee is also very fertile, laying up to 2000 eggs each day
    throughout her life .
    Suggested usage                 : As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 softgel
                                                1-2 times daily

    Other Ingredients               : Capsule ( Gelatin, glucerin, water ) rice
                                                brain oil, beeswax  and silica .

    Contains No                        : Sugar, salt, starch, yeast, gluten, corn, 
                                                milk, egg  shellfish, or preservatives .

    Caution                                     : Royal Jelly may cause an allergic in some
                                                people .
    Disclaimers                          : " This statement has not been evaluated
                                                by the FDA . This product is not intended 
                                                diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any
                                                disease "
Natural color variation may occur
                                                on this product .
                                                This Royal Jelly has been freeze-dried to
                                                maintain maximum stability and is among
                                                the finest products available . 10-HDA 
                                                ( Hydroxy-d-deconoic acid ) is one of 
                                                the active ,  measureable componenets of
                                                Royal Jelly
                                                Store in a cool, dry place .
                                                Bottle 60 Capsules .             
$  25.00

 2. Ginseng & Royal Jelly ( Sam Nhung & Sua Nuoi Ong Chua )


    Chinese Panax Ginseng has a 2000 year history of use . This
    combination is the perfect to a health diet . Royal Jelly is the sole food
    of the Queen Bee, and enables her to outlive  worker bees thirty-fold,
    while laying up to 2000 eggs daily .

    Suggested use                    : As an herbal dietary supplement take 1-2
                                                capsules daily
Free of                               : Sugar, salt, wheat, yeast, corn, soy, egg,
                                                milk .

    Other Gredients                  : Magnesium stearate

    Warnings                            : None
                                                Bottle 90  capsules             
$  25.00

3. CLA ( Conjugated Linoleic Acid ) Tan Mo & Giam Can .


    CLA, also known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid, is essentially an isomer of
    linoleic acid .  This makes it a "Fatty Acid" with different chemical
    functions than  LA acid ) CLA has been incorporated into dietary
    supplements in order to assist men &women with weight  reduction . This
    element is stated to be commontly found in safflower oil, dairy products
    and meat . Over all CLA aims to decrease body fat, increase muscle mass
    and even assist  with battling cancer . CLA is also a patent anti-oxident,
    anti-carcinogen and has been  known to enhance the immune system .
    CLA   is an important omega-6 fatty acid than can help :

           * Reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass
           * maintain healthy heart and arteries
           * maintain mood through prosta glandin modulation .
           * Relieve eczema and maintain healthy skin
           * Keep all membranes working properly and effeciently
           * Relieve diabetic neuropathy
           * Relieve PMS and cyclical breast pain .
              Bottle 90 Capsules                                                
$  30.00

4. Eucalyptus Oil
100% pure & natural Eucalyptus glogulus aromatgerapeutic GC/IR 
   verified Eucalyptus Oil remains a favorite among aromatheraperapists
   and casual users alike, based on its strong . Woody and medicimal aroma
   Poplar in many vapor rubs , it emits an essence of clearcliness when .
   diffused for aromatherapy . VNNR Eucalyptus Oil is 100% steam distilled

         Size  :  1  .oz            Price               $  06.00

5. Peppermint Oil
The Aromatic coolnessof this pungent mint must be felt on the tongue
   or the skin to be fully appreciated ( property diluted of course ) Although
   perhaps most commonly known as a breath freshener and stomatch
   soother . Peppermint Oil is uplifting in many ways , Added in small
   amount to bath water and manage formulas . The Oil of mentha piperita
   is considered calming , rejuvenating , clearing , refreshing , and mentally
   stimulating . It also has many traditional uses as an inhalant engredirnt
   and even an enhancer of warm feelings . Peppermint Oil should be
   avoided during pregnancy and homeopathic use, redistilled .

       Size  :  1  .oz            Price              $  06.00

   6. Lavender Oil
An all time favorite . Aromatheraphy massage indulgent and attunement
   aid Lavender Oil has many properties including analygesic  antidepressant
   anti-fungal, anti-flammating, anti-septic, and sedativeand is calming
   for the emotions . Lavender is known to increase the alpha brain waves
   associates with states of relaxation and meditation . Lavender officinale
   from French Lavender flowers .

         Size  :  1 .oz                         Price              $  12.00


        ** These statement have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration
            These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease
                        Please consult a qualified medical practitioner for medical advice **

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