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    Back to thousands years before, the mermaids have been choosen 
as their main food . Today, space Astronaut from NASA also 
   choosen Chlorella to bring over with them when they are out of the space .
   Reu Hoang Hau ( Queen Chlorella ) is manufacturered in Japan .




   Chlorella known as Ultra-green supplement . Chlorella  invaluable whole-
   food dietary supplement . A single-celled fresh water algae, 
   Reu Hoang Hau ( Queen Chlorella ) is one of the richest foods in
   protein, beta carotene, and nucleic acid ( RNA and DNA ) Reu Hoang Hau
( Queen Chlorella ) contains more Chlorophyll than any other food . Reu
   Hoang  Hau
  ( Queen Chlorella ) 
is a fresh-water green Algae
   virtually unchanged in nature for billion of years; Reu Hoang Hau
   ( Queen Chlorella ) is called a "super food" owing to the fact it contains
   every essential nutrient necessary for  human life . This makes Reu
    Hoang Hau
( Queen Chlorella ) a very powerfull synergistic food source 
   A single-cell plant, with a very strong life  force, Reu Hoang Hau ( Queen
    Chlorella )
 is prized for its nutritional enefits . 
   It has been called a "living battery" for its ability to store energy .  
    Reu Hoang Hau ( Queen Chlorella ) 
is cultured in bio
   -engineered ponds for purity, control and maximum absorption of
   sunlight .  Through a blanching process Chlorella's Cell walls are opened
   releasing  the nutrients for easy absorption . Reu Hoang Hau ( Queen
   Chlorella ) 
is rich in protein with outstanding amino-acid composition and
   balance, it has a number of vitamins, minerals and other phyto-nutrients
   , including "Chlorella Growth Factor" CGF . CGF is a
heat-treated extract of
   Chlorella, CGF works to stimulate and advance growth in animals and
   human children and also heightens immunity and the like .

             Chlorella can be deemed the most balanced nutrition product for 
   people seeking to maintain youthfulness and health , increase energy . 
   The main ingredient of Reu Hoang Hau ( Queen Chlorella ) granules is 
   Chlorella produced through pool culturing,  fully absorbs the sun's 
   energy . In the blanching process,  Cell walls are crushed, which boosts the
   absorption rate . Reu Hoang Hau ( Queen Chlorella ) has been made by 
   the most famous manufacturer in Japan and distributed to  U.S.A by :

                                     VietNam New Research - V.N.N.R inc 
                                           P.O Box 335
                                Garden Grove, CA 92842 U.S.A             
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