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      Our product manufacturer holds the highest certifications
    available to a Japanese health  food company, the
 ( International standard ) as well as the GMP ( Good
    manufacturing practice ) certification .T
he factory has a fixed set of
    guidelines for all employees to make products that express empathy and
    care for the customers . All employees  improve the work process
liminate waste . Constantly work for quality improvement
    and more efficient production . Workers emphasize these guidelines
    and seek product quality and safety 

            Our mission states " We are dedicated to the safety 
    of our products as our  highest priority . New products and advances in 
    technology aid us in our desire to contribute to society by improving the 
    health of our customers and employees in order that they might have 
    a healthy and productive life . Our stated belief is that our products 
    should come from the same source as the foods we eat . "In this we 
    agree .  This is the essence of a health food company
    and the quality of our manufacturer .                   

Manufacturing Practice Certification ( GMP Certification )
This certification  was originally established as a quality control system 
    to insure good 
manufacturing of medical supplies . The United states 
    extended the GMP standard to food, medicine, and cosmetics regulation .


    The world Health Organization ( WHO ) established GMP 
    worldwide and member countries adopted GMP at a general meeting of 
    1969 . Afterwards, GMP in international trade was urged to be  enforced . 

            In Japan, GMP was evolved into an even stronger standard by the 
    Ministry of Health Pharmaceutical Affairs Bureau, then written into law by
    the Ministry of Health and Welfare, so that now, it is deemed an 
    essential qualification for pharmaceutical firms to obtain
    certification to be permitted to manufacture .

    Such standards assure you the highest quality, consistency and  safety .

     ** ISO9001 International Standard Organization 
    ( ISO9001 Certification )
ISO9001 was established as a quality control and an international 
    standard model for a guarantee of quality by ISO ( Organization for 
    standardization ) 
. It has spread remarkably and has had a big influence 
    on company activities since it was established as JIS in Japan in 1991 . 
    Campanies who hold it are considered among the finest in the world .

      School Girls in HUE .

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products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease
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