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      1. What is Reu Hoang Hau ( Queen Chlorella ) ?
         Reu Hoang Hau ( Queen Chlorella )
is a green single-cell 
        fresh-water algae with a host of nutrients . Each Chlorella cell 
        is  a  self-
sufficient organism with all of the plant's life functions
        taking place 
inside the cell .The result is an unsually high 
        concentration of important nutrients in the chlorella plant .
        Reu Hoang Hau ( Queen Chlorella ) provides us with a host of
        important vitamins, minerals and nutrients . Some of which may 
        be lacking in our daily diets . Reu Hoang Hau ( Queen Chlorella ) has 
        many amino-acids ( including all the essential amino acids ) . And, it's 
        one of the highest natural source of chlorophyll . Plus,
Reu Hoang hau 
         ( Queen Chlorella )
 contains a variety of minerals

2. Why should I take Reu Hoang Hau ( Queen Chlorella ) ?
            The quality of the body's nucleic acids (DNA,RNA) deteriorates quickly
        due to external sources like pollution, unbalanced diets, and lack of
        exercice . This then leads to prematures aging and a less effective 
        metabolism . To make matters worse, the production of DNA and RNA
        is naturally reduced in our early twenties as our bodies reach maturity .
        Chlorella is one of the highest natural sources of DNA and RNA  . Taken
        regularly, it can help make us feel younger and healthier .

    3. Tell me about Reu Hoang Hau's nutrients .
Chlorella has many different vitamins and minerals and 
        provides an abundance of naturally occuring beta-carotene (provitamin 
        A), which has been said to effectively assist the body to combat UV
        radiation damage to the skin and the stress of pollutants on the lungs .
        Betacarotene is the strongest available antioxidant for free radicals
        known as singlet oxygen, a very damaging form .
        Chlorella is about 60% protein, and is one of the highest natural
        source of DNA and RNA . Additionally, Chlorella is one of the highest
        natural source of chlorophyll . Plus, Chlorella also contains iron 
        and iodine  . It 's rich in lysine, which is often lacking in our high-
        wheat diets .                

The following is Reu Hoang Hau nutrients :


    4. Can Chlorella replace my vitamin and minerals supplements ?
        Chlorella is not a substitute for vitamins or minerals . Because Chlorella
        helps to detoxify and rivitalize your body, you will get more out of the
        supplements, vitamins, and foods you eat .
                Chlorella provides many natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients
        unavailable in processed multi-vitamins . Most notably, it contains 
        chlorophyll which are not currently included in many
        multi-vitamins on the market .

    5. when was it discovered ?
Chlorella was identified around the end of the 19th century . The 
        Japanese began studying it more closely in the 1940's and are
        responsible for much of Chlorella's popularity today . The Japanese take
        more Chlorella per capita than Americans take vitamin c, America's 
        most popular vitamin . However, Chlorella is may times more powerful 
        a whole food than any other multi-vitamin or supplement on the 
        market .


    6. Why haven't heard about it before ?
        While Chlorella is very popular in Japan, and the asia . It has only 
        recently gained notoriety in the west . It has not become a popularized
        such as Melatonin, MSM, St.john' s wort and other herns that explode 
        on the market then disappear quickly where interest is lost in them . 
        Chlorella is slowly becoming more widely known as its astounding and 
        profound health benefits are revealed through scientific study and word
        of mouth . Because of its incredible nutritive properties, when Chlorella
        finally does become a household word, its stay with us will be 
        permanent, not temporary like so many of the herbs and hormones that
        have made it onto the cover of popular news magazines

7. Where does it come from ?
Chlorella is grown in Taiwan by one of the largest chlorella
        manufacturer . They have no other business but that of cultivating and
        selling Chlorella . It is scrutinized for purity and bacterial contamination
        by on-site laboratories . It is a highly regulated product in Japan . To 
        achieve this, it had to be certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health, 
        which is the only governmental health authority in the world to have 
        adopted and standardized Chlorella quality and certification . 
        Remember, Reu Hoang Hau is manufacturer in Japan and achieved the 
        highest certifications both GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practice ) 
        and ISO9001 ( International standard Organization ) in Japan .

8. What are the main health benefits of Chlorella ?
Besides the fact that it is a perfect food which provides the body with
        nearly all its nutritional needs, it is a powerful immune system . Builder
        extremely detoxifying and exellent for the digestion . The various
          health benefits of
Chlorella are discussed in benefits of


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