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Nancy said:   August 21, 2009 6:38 pm PST
thoi muon mua san pham nay cho con gai cua toi nam nay 13 tuoi. xin hoi chau co the dung san pham nay duoc khong?

thanh said:   August 13, 2009 9:43 pm PST
em muon mua uong thu 1 hop co duoc khong neu co hieu qua em se mua sau thankyou!

john said:   August 2, 2009 1:00 pm PST
toi muon mua san pham reu hoang hau cho me toi dung. Hien gio me toi dang dung thuoc tay moi ngay vi chung benh tieu duong vay co the dung reu hoang hau chung voi thuoc tay duoc ko? co phan ung phu gi ko? Cam on nhieu

Rob Miller said:   July 15, 2009 9:45 pm PST
Cool site.

tuanle said:   June 19, 2009 12:40 pm PST
Hi Toi co 2 cau hoi vay xin giai dap nhe : 1/ toi co the mua 2 hop duoc khong? vi day la lan dau sai thu xem sao. 2/ tien buu dien thi the nao ? hay la 35 dong /chai bao gom luon cuoc phi ? Cam on nhieu

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VNNR, inc is the largest and exclusively and distrbuted of Reu Hoang Hau
    to north America and for all Vietnamese around the world . 


    Our Mission
VNNR, inc was established to share this idea to the Vietnamese around
    the world about natural health and demystify the many misconceptions of
    how natural health is achieved . Our goal is to provide quality, natural 
    health products that lead to great health .

    Our Philosophy about nature health
* The body is capable of healing itself of any disease .
    * Hydrate, Alkalize, detoxify the body is the health mantra 
       we live by
    * Disease is not a state of victimhood, health is a choice . It is the
       result of a person's lifestyle choices .
    * Health is a habit, not an event . Health is a choice .
    * Medicine does not lead to health .


Dealer Support 
    To become our dealer you must obtain a valid business license and a 
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    information . Our technical support teams and customer service teams are 
    always available to answer any general or technical questions about our 
    products and provide friedly, excellent customer service . A free listing of
    your name and phone number in here for all customers can see your name 
    and number to call you . A free 100 color flyers in Vietnamese, English will 
    send to dealers for free . You will also receive 100 sample package with 
    imprinted your name and phone number in there . You can back order this 
    package sample ( includes 5 tablets of Chlorella ) for the price $1.00 for 3
    package samples .

    What we require to become our distributor 
    We require a legal business license and a certificate of reseller number 
    plus all contact information including phone numbers, email and address 
    plus a first order of the minimum of 500 bottle of Reu Hoang Hau with 
    distributor's price . A maximum is 2 distributors for a large state such as 
    California or Texas . Or a maximum is 1 distributor for a normal state . 
    Only distributor can create and resale Reu Hoang Hau to our dealers . 
    Remember : Before become a distributor, seller must be a good standing
    dealership and follow all the rules from manufacturer and distributor 
    must be approved by John Dao . ( C.E.O of corporation ) .
    Distributorship is not transferrable  unless received an approval letter 
    from our office .


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P.O Box 335
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    Customers please call : 1-877-REU-XANH or 1-877-738-9264

    On Staff

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    Marketing Director                            Phuong Thanh Nguyen
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