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        Greeting from John Dao
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 C.E.O VNNR, inc

        " It is our pleasure to help you live a better and healthier life "


We believe that supplements and daily foods are  important for 
    maintaining your health .  I have traveled the world to see the best 
    laboratories and factories . Japanese factory is most reliable 
    source for our dietary supplement . I have been in China, Korea and
    Japan . I think Japan is the best and most reliable source . I sold many 
    kinds of chlorella since 1998 and I realize Reu Hoang 
    Hau (
Queen Chlorella ) is the best source and most reasonable price .

    Quality control is top of our priority .
            The safety of our products is our top priority .  
    Reu Hoang Hau ( Queen Chlorella ) is certified to be :

    1. ISO9001 International Standard Organization . 
    2. GMP Good Manufacturing Practice .

    Reu Hoang Hau ( Queen Chlorella ) is the  best source  . I know you 
    you will enjoy it .

    Thank you .

    To write direct to me, please email me :

    email to : johnminhdao@sbcglobal.net

    The following are special features of Chlorella :

    *    Assimilates almost instanly as its massive protein and beneficial
          fats are predigested by the alga . Users often feel more energy
          in their lives .
    *    Boosts immunity, parity as a result of its rich store of acid 
          polysaccharides . 
    *    Cleanses environmental toxins from the body including radiation
          residues, pesticides, herbicides, and most toxic "heavy" metals
          including mercury .
    *    Builds the "yin" of the body, according to ancient chinese healing
          tradition, meaning that it helps overcome stress, inflammation
          and mental irritation .

          Of all the supplements we have seen in 20 years of clinical practice
    in nutrition, Chlorella fosters a greater sense of well-being-for 
    more people than any other supplement . More effective than the mere 
    sum of its nutrients, Chlorella is a whole food whose potency 
    results from the perfect integration of all its nutrient dimensions .

    Usage Suggestions :
    We find that one of the best ways to use Chlorella is in the 
    form of tablets . Take them up at the end of meals with a little food
    This reduces the desire to eat sweets later . Tablets also go well at
    other times of the day to quell blood sugar rushes and the associated
    cravings , either alone or, with a snack such as
    roasted pumpkin seeds or celery sticks .  


    To have more questions or comments in Vietnamese you can contact
    Phuong Thanh at 714-260-7311 . Look at her teeth and her hair . She 
    has been used Reu Hoang Hau ( Queen Chlorella ) for many years .   
    Her  hair doesn't have even 1 pc of grey color . She will share her 
    experience with Reu Hoang Hau ( Queen Chlorella ) to you . 
    We also have a large quantity of lipsticks and cosmetics, please call her 
    for more information .....



    TET at little saigon in Westminster Southern California 2008 .


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